ponedjeljak, 30. ožujka 2009.

Reconstruction of Kvaternik Square has been an issue of many discussions recently,
and it were questioned the moral, ethical and aesthetics view at that new place.
From "National" square we're getting surface that from my opinion, has no function
(at least not yet), while the former spirit and magic of the place, unfortunately
haves no longer any indication.
Let us take into account underground passages ("unnecessary in relation to the size of roads",
 the words of the one croatian architect) that its form gives even greater emphasis on the
inaccessibility to that "deserted island" in the city.

I combine the sounds of children playing, birds and children's laughter as the sound element,
then the shadow of the children's playground in the active state,
with children who are playing (putting down a series of slide, swinging, seesawing, ball catching etc.),
also the shadows of trees and larger bushes as visual elements.

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